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Shale shaker Asia supplier


Shale shakers are the first line of defence in removing drill cuttings from your valuable drilling fluid. DC Solid control high performance high G shale shakers offer superb screening capabilities with robust and reliable construction that will keep on working when you are.

The importance of drilling fluid shale shakers as the primary solids control equipment capable of handling the full returns from the wellbore cannot be over stressed. They must be operated as efficiently as possible, at all times, in order to maximise the amount of solids removed at the first pass.

Features of DCS shale shaker

1.Strong vibration intensity and large screen area.
2.DCS shale shaker have frame type and hookstrip screen whose lifetime is of 3-5 times longer than ordinary screen mesh.
3.Screen box adopts flow-equalizing equipment that can rapidly evacuates shutter .
4.Shale Shaker adopts vibration motor with adjusting exciting force, so it can meets the demand of the separation of different drilling fluid viscosity. 
DCS shale shakers are naturally available in your operating voltage whether you are running 380 VAC 50 Hz or 600 VAC 60 or anything in-between. We also can custom for you alone, please send inquiry to us.