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Mud Gas Separatorshipped by DC Today


This week,DC signed an order of 2 sets  Mud Gas Separator,The Mud Gas Separator is DCZYQ800, and the main body diameter is 800mm,and the capacity is 200-260m³/h, the inlet pipe is 5``,the output pipe is 8``,and the gas discharge pipe is 8``,the weight is 1600kg,and the dimension is 1900×1900×5700mm.This time the parameter guests needed is coincides with our production equipment,if customers have a customized request ,we also can meet it.

Constant pressure drilling fluid mud gas separator is a specialized equipment used for primary degassing of gas-cutting drilling fluid,it is mainly used to remove big bubbles whose diameter ≥φ3mm. Mud gas separators produced by DC have the advantages of safety and reliability,good treatment effect,long service life ,etc.

Constant pressure Anti-H2S drilling fluid mud gas separator manufactured by DC adopts high quality material , can effectively prevent the erosion of harmful gas and ensure production safety of man and machine.

DC solids control is one of the best drilling solids control manufacture whose products are selling very good in worldwide.