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The reason of drilling mud pollution of the environment


In the process of drilling, drilling fluid is easy to be H2S, gypsum, saline and CO2 pollution and deterioration failure, seriously affect the drilling construction safety, increase the construction cost. Drilling fluid with good performance is one of the basic conditions for drilling success, so we should pay more attention to environmental problems, reasons and here we come to know the pollution of drilling fluid and coping methods.


How is the drilling fluid impollute the environment?

1.     Organic compounds in the drilling fluid penetration into the soil degradation is not easy, and the formation of a layer of isolation membrane, prevent soil water absorption, prevent water uptake by plants, in addition, some organic compounds are toxic, harmful to aquatic organisms.Poison

2.     Drilling fluids, oil, diesel oil on soil, plant, water is also great.

3.     Drilling fluid in salt and exchangeable sodium ions, can cause soil compaction, enable the plants to absorb water from the soil, is not conducive to the growth of plants, but also have a considerable impact on groundwater.

4.     Drilling fluid in the debris of biological soil, plants, water, groundwater, will have more or less influence.