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Paint technology of mud tanks


Drilling fluid mud tank has the function of recycle, store mud and maintain mud performance. There is large number of chemical agent in the mud which will corrode mud tank and shorten mud tank service life. We choose the high standard, are strict with anticorrosion technology to save users cost. Each equipment can meet the use requirements.

Firstly, according to the API rust removal requirements to the used material, DC Solid control adopts shot sandblasting process.

1. Treatment of the tank surface roughness. Through shot sandblasting treatment to make the material surface have smooth finish. 
2. Pre-treat to the mud tank surface before paint. Through shot sandblasting treatment to make material surface have a certain roughness to enhance the adhesion, and make paint can better protect equipment. 
3. Treatment to the tank surface. Treat the oxide layer and rust layer through shot sandblasting, by comparison with the standard template to Sa3 level requirement 
Secondly,strictly carry out spraying requirement handled in time, DC Solid control strictly control the paint technology to paint the bottom, middle and surface coating. 
1. Using the high level requirements in the industry, high adhesion, anti-corrosion and water resistance is strong. 
2. Intermediate coat use the hardness and strong durability. 
3. Finishing coat adopt oil resistivity, waterproof, strong corrosion resistance of ship paint.